Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 memories

The theme for this week's Foto Friday is 2010 Memories...
I decided to interpret this theme symbolically and thought this photo would describe our year just perfectly.
11 days into 2010, hubby was let go from his youth pastor position quite shockingly. What followed was a time of grief, anger, and figuring out how to communicate as a couple when our reactions were processed differently.
Through the year, God has been so good to us... providing for us when our severance ran out... comforting us through His Word and through others...
We passed what would have been Nathan's 2nd birthday, celebrated Lynn's 7th birthday, and while reversing roles (me at work, hubby at home) made it through summer, still battered but intact - as a family and as individuals - although working outside the home consistently for several months really made me question my role in life.
The calendar kept moving and in November Zane turned 1, Lynn and I had a little girl time, & the holidays approached then passed.
Here we are now, on the cusp of 2011. So what will the new year hold? Who knows! Maybe my husband will have a future in the military as a chaplain or maybe more time in his secular vocation. Maybe we'll move or maybe we'll continue to reside here. Nevertheless, I will continue to be a wife and mommy and child of God (some consistency there at least ;)

So, this photo sums up our 2010 -- we've been burned and at times felt so dried up and empty while the world around us goes on, however we've continued to cling to the (one, true) vine and hang on together, as a family. 2010 hasn't been fun on the whole, but we have made some sweet memories and will treasure those. As with every experience in life, who we are at this point in the year has been determined and defined by what we went through and how we responded to it. God has a plan for each person's life and while I wouldn't have chosen this path, I ultimately trust that the rocky road will smooth out. Either way, I know He is beside me as I walk this path. (Thank goodness!)

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Deb said...

I'm sorry you had a rough 2010.

Natalie said...

Although Im sorry your year was a little rough I do think you interpreted your year perfectly with your photo..I hope that the New Year brings prosperity and hope to you and your family!

Kristy said...

Popping into to share answer to your question about using textures in light room. Kim Klassen said "you need an editing program with layers... elements, photoshop, picnik, gimp, or paintshop pro" I hope this helps. Have a happy new year!