Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by. 
I know how valuable time is, and for you to pause here and read my thoughts means a lot. Whether we share a common interest of photography, a common history of child loss, or just both happen to be on this planet at the same time, you have landed here at Standing Firm in Quicksand, so welcome! :)

The idea for my blog title originated before I had even come to my deepest times of "quicksand." How much do you know about quicksand? "Quicksand is basically just ordinary sand that has been so saturated with water that the friction between sand particles is reduced. The resulting sand is a mushy mixture of sand and water that can no longer support any weight" (source). I read that and thought what a great picture of life's trials that is. We are going along, lalalala, living ordinary life, when suddenly the conditions change - our lives become saturated with obstacles, heartache, & burnout. The result is a feeling that we are unable to support ourselves & others in our daily life. We get weighed down and sink. "If you step into quicksand, it won't suck you down. However, your movements will cause you to dig yourself deeper into it" (source). How true is that of life as well? We try and fix things ourselves; we whine and complain. Our own movements end up being counterproductive to our escape. Ouch.

While I am not always the most consistent writer, I've tried to be open and transparent when I do write. Life isn't always the easiest, but my source of hope and my sense of worth isn't based upon life's circumstances. Goodness, it can't be... if it were, I'd be a little puddle on the floor unable to do anything! As a freshman in college, I entrusted my life to the One who is my source of hope, of life, of security. I asked God for His forgiveness... repenting of all the times I was less than He wanted for me, of all the times "self" came before "others," of the times I'd abused or taken for granted all He had given me. Since that point, I went on to graduate college, get married, and of course have my children. Amazing how those 10 yrs have flown since graduating.  Ups and downs... life and loss... disappointments and excitements... boys and girl... relocations and settling-ins... You know, if I could sneak a peak into God's "plan book" for my life, I don't know that I'd want to!

In closing, I'll leave you with a snippet of the things I enjoy the most: praising God ~ loving my family ~ drinking coffee & hot tea ~ taking photos ~ eating dark chocolate ~ blog surfing ~ shopping for purses & sunglasses ~ reading ~ hulu!. If you stick around long enough, I think you'll see these things pop up in my posts.
Feel free to drop me an email. I have met many wonderful ladies over the past years since I lost my son and really got into reading others' blogs, specifically on child loss at that time. I still frequent their blogs and we trade emails and comments. I've also been exposed to the world of photoblogging and am just amazed at what I can learn from the men and women I now follow. It's been great to make so many friends through their blogs.
Welcome to mine.