My Gear

My current "gear" for study time...
ESV Compact Bible
Woman's Evangelical Commentary: New Testament
Walking in Power, Love, & Discipline: a study of 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy & Titus (another book from The New Inductive Study Series)
A 1-subject spiral bound notebook (in which I have printed out from the computer the book of Acts and glued into the notebook. It gives me a little more room around the words for marking, plus I can make notes and answer questions in the same notebook).
A box of colored pencils & a set of blue, red, & black pens for marking the specific words and taking notes.

And my "gear" for play time...
Pentax K-x (just the specs in case you're interested)
(Kit lens) 18-55mm lens
Polaroid .43x wide angle lens
Tiffen 52mm filters: UV, circular polarizer, neutral density 0.6
A tripod & camera bag (standard stuff)
That's about it for right now :)