Monday, May 24, 2010

two years...

My precious Nathan has now been in "heaven's nursery" for 2 years today...
Thinking of him today as I share this poem I found with you.


In Heaven there must surely be
A special place, a nursery
Where 'little spirits' not fully grown
Go to live in their Heavenly home.

The angels must attend with love
Tiny spirits on wings of doves,
The choir of angels must sing lullabies
Maybe quieten their tiny cries.

The Father must come by each day
To cuddle and play in a special way
These tiny spirits left earth too soon
Little ones called Home from the womb.

These sparks of life did not perish
But came to the Father's love to cherish,
To grow and be taught in His own arms
Safely away from all earthly harm.

The comforter was sent to earth at once
To the parents who lost their little one
Their hearts so ache, their arms feel empty
The question 'why' seems so tempting.

Then all at once in the midst of tears
There comes a peace that stills the fears
The parents share the Father's own need
To hold their tiny spirit being.

They relinquish their own desperate hold
And release their baby to the Father's fold,
Then comes an angel to whisper the truth
Of a nursery in Heaven bearing rich fruit

Of tiny spirits chosen to worship the Father
A place that couldn't be filled by another,
Called to be spared from the struggles of earth,
Chosen to be one of Heaven's births.

So Father, whisper words of love from me
To our unborn 'life' in your nursery.

(From Above Rubies website)


Kelli said...

Dear...blogger. I accidently came across your blog while I was looking for another and I read your first post and then couldn't stop reading. I am not quite sure what I want to say to you other than that your stories have touched me. At times I feel like my burdens and trials are too much too handle and I question God's plan but after reading about your experiences I realize how blessed I am. I recently had a little baby boy and words can't explain the love I feel for him. I know exactly what you mean about wanting to bottle up those sweet smells and their precious little sounds and actions. I find myself often crying softly while rocking him just overwhelmed with gratitude and love. I am so happy for you that you have kept God in your life to help you through your trials. You are a stranger but I feel for a a daughter of God. I will pray for your family that a good job will open up. I apologize if this is really random I just wanted you to know that your life has impacted others. Kelli, fellow blogger

Bria Rose said...

God bless you! I stumbled upon your blog and it is very refreshing and wonderful to read how much somebody else trusts God and loves him. I immediately felt that if I needed to read about someone else's walk with God that would give me encouragment in my own walk I could read bits of your blog and that will encourage me. Although...I have no children and can't pretend to understand fully the love that a mother has with her child the tie between them. I can imagine the feeling and it grips my heart and I do long for the time when I can feel that. Thank you and I will be praying for you!