Thursday, December 1, 2011

going with cloth again

Cloth diapering... take 2!

 Yes, I am back at it. After our great experience with gDiapers had to come to an end, I plunged back into the world of purchasing disposable diapers. Well, that lasted several months, and countless bags and boxes of diapers later, I headed back into researching cloth. What I discovered was the Green Line Diaper. Because I had problems with fit, I was immediately drawn to them because of their drawstring/adjustable leg. They have the tiniest little fasteners (barrel locks, I think they're called?) to cinch the sides tighter based upon your individual child's leg width. At 29 lbs, my 2 year old can fit into these. The velcro closer is close to needing an extender, but they offer those, and for right now it's not necessary. I love the high rise in the back. I think it's for newborns and their explosive-up-the-back potty tendencies, but I find it's perfect for my toddler, as it reduces the "plumbers crack" occurrence.  On Green Line's facebook page, you can see all sorts of customer photos, and babies of all sizes wearing them. (They also have a link to a page where owners can sell their used covers). They are a one size fits all cover. You then put in the insert of your choice. I have tried two new types of inserts with them. What I had been using for my gDiapers when Zane was still an infant, was no longer working as a toddler, so I had sold all of those. I am now using the bamboo/cotton soaker that Green Line sells as well as hemp/microfiber/microchamois gflappers from The Nappy Shoppe. They both work wonderfully! The covers that I have from Green Line have cotton on the outside and a breathable waterproof liner on the inside. I am waiting for one of their cotton/fleece covers to ship to me to try as well. The combination of everything has been terrific for Zane. I am so excited and he absolutely LOVES the patterns. He tells me "'digger diaper' momma." (That's his favorite pattern - the one in the photos above). 

If you're looking for a cloth diaper option, I encourage you to check out this "mom and pop" (literally) store in Canada. All the covers are hand-sewn and of fantastic quality... Green Line Diapers.

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