Monday, February 8, 2010

cloth diapering with gdiapers

I've been doing a TON of research the past week regarding cloth diapering, specifically gdiapers. I thought I'd compile a post here to share my findings in case anyone is considering "CDing." *I should note that gdiapers can be used with flushable inserts, but I am looking into using reusable cloth inserts, so this post will contain info for cloth inserts only.
First of all, it is a whole new world! The community of mothers that cloth diaper is a large network. I joined diaperswappers, where I created a username and began to surf the forums. I have also joined a yahoo group for gdiaper users. Between lurking both sites, I've gleaned a bunch of info. Both places are great for finding used diaper deals. In fact, on diaperswappers, I purchased my first set of gdiapers to try out. (I'm still waiting for them, so the actual real life experience post will come later). As far as purchasing gdiapers new, you can find them at BabiesRUs (in person) or at a variety of online sites, including Target, Walmart, and of course the main GDiapers website.
Gdiapers have an outer shell ("made out of cotton, with a hint of elastene for stretch"), a snap-in liner ("Snap-in liners are made of breathable polyurethane-coated nylon, similar to what's used in sports clothing. Snap-in liners are breathable which means babies bottoms stay cool and diaper rash is kept at bay"), and then an insert to absorb baby's waste. Regarding inserts, there are sooo many options out there.
Sharni, at The Nappy Shoppe, has put together an amazing resource to explain about different fabrics and their absorbency. Then, once you're familiar with the different materials, you can look at her insert comparison chart to get an idea of cost in relation to material/insert.
Besides The Nappy Shoppe (which has gotten amazing reviews from moms on the boards), it was recommended to try the Patooshie Pants website, Jillian's Drawers website, Cotton Babies, & the Mother Ease website. These all have inserts (also called "doublers") made of the various materials.
So... now that you've looked at that, you have to decide if the higher cost is worth it. If the budget does not allow to spend $3.00-6.00 per insert, there is a less expensive option.
The lowest cost options are to use cotton prefolds. Those range from good ole Gerbers to ones from Chinese cotton to ones of Indian cotton. I found a pretty neat chart explaining the differences on the cottons.

The three "top" cotton prefolds when you read from all the moms on the board, seems to be either Green Mountain, Diaper Rite, or Little Lions. They all are in the $1.75-2.00 range per insert and fall under the "Indian prefold" category. I didn't research any "Chinese prefolds".
Here's a chart I found regarding the above three prefolds comparing size/cost:

There are prefolds made of other (more expensive) materials as well, including hemp. Hemp is a very absorbent material. Here's a great article regarding prefolds in general.
The most cost effective option is making your own. Here is a tutorial on making one yourself. And, even easier, here's a tutorial on making one with no sewing required. (Thank you, Janell!)

So - all that to say... I hope those links help if you are interested in cloth diapering with gdiapers. I'll let you know when I decide and get it all here. Look for a future post on how it all work in real life :)

edited to add: some more great links! washing your cloth diapers & a first initial boil to prime your inserts/PF's

edited to add: if you're researching gDiapers and have come across "old style" and "new style" here's a great comparison article


jenn said...

I am absolutely loving bumgenius diapers. I used gdiapers with my now 3 year old, but I wish I would have just gone all cloth.

Hannah said...

just FYI- the snap-in liner is NOT plastic. It is nylon. This is a big difference because nylon breathes out water vapor, but not liquid. So your baby's waste stays in the diaper, but air is still moving to prevent diaper rash.

Mrs. H said...

Thanks, Hannah! You are correct and I will modify my wording. :)