Monday, August 8, 2011

might be the end

Weelll... it's been a terrific year and a half (almost) with cloth diapers, but I think after officially moving up to larges, and Zane continuing to wet more in volume, it's just not working out as well as it did for the first year or so. The simple solution would be to just change him more often, and I have been, but he's just drinking so much that it doesn't work that easily. During breakfast, he easily downs two large sippy cups full and then continues drinking throughout the day (which is great because with Lynn, I have to practically beg her to stay hydrated). An hour after putting on a new diaper, he's soaked through. I've upped the thickness of inserts and it's not working. The diaper doesn't stay as tight around the legs with such a large width of insert, which allows for easier leakage no matter what. It's either try investing in a cloth insert (or another brand of cloth diaper) with a greater absorbancy, but I don't even think those are viable solutions for us right now.
I think I'm going to have to sell my gDiapers (sniff, sniff), watch for disposable diaper sales, and start gearing up for potty training (his second birthday is coming in the fall)...

I'm happy that I used cloth for that period of time. I think that it did help financially. A bonus positive is that also allowed me to keep from contributing as much to landfill waste. Ultimately, it was something that I briefly thought about with Lynn, but never really followed through nor wanted to put in the effort, so I'm proud of me (and my hubs) for "going for it." I believe in the product and think it's a great cloth solution. I am a fan of the way the gDiaper is constructed and has the option of using cloth or biodegradable disposable inserts. They were super easy to use and to care for.

So incidentally, if you are thinking of cloth, I now have both medium and large gDiapers should you be interested... email me.

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