Thursday, May 13, 2010

continuing with cloth

It's been awhile since I updated our adventures with gdiapers. And the word is... it's going great! We've passed the two month mark of using cloth and it's very routine now. I am still using the homemade inserts along with a set of bum genius microfiber inserts that I was gifted (also covering those with a cut up receiving blanket, as they were drying my kiddo's bottom out!) I have five covers, eight liners and thirteen inserts. I (choose to) wash daily or at least every other day. Usually I soak overnight, run the load in the morning, and then hang them on a drying rack outside now that it's warm and sunny. I continue to just stick with disposables for night time, church nursery times, and errand-running days. I have seen absolutely no increase in the water bill (in fact, there's been a drop, lol). My mom buys me a pack of diapers each time we come visit (every six weeks or so), so I haven't had to purchase any disposables. It feels really good to be in a rhythm with it and for it to be going so smoothly.

By the way... let me encourage you, if you're interested in beginning (or continuing) with gdiapers, has an amazing sale going on right now for a set of new ones that rival used prices.

New members can get a 6 pack of gDiaper covers for just $47.99 shipped with coupon code HART2322 and coupon code DOORS at checkout.
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Specifics regarding the codes/rebate:
New members can use code HART2322 to get $10 off their first order - this is for an order of anything, it doesn't have to be cloth diapers. (This is a referral code that also gives me credit with your order - thank you!)

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New members can also submit for this rebate to save $10 on a $75 order. Simply reject the magazine. (I personally did this with my first order about 5 weeks ago and have received the rebate already - it's legit! And, incidentally, even though I chose the rebate over the magazine offer, I am still receiving the Parenting mag., lol.)

When you spend $49 you get free 2 day shipping. It works out quite well!

Ok, enough with the commercial. :) All that to say, if you're debating the idea, let me encourage you and say, "go for it!"

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Dana Schmoyer said...

I'm so glad the gdiapers are still working great! We're still going strong too over here. I don't even know how long we've been at it, but long enough for Hannah to move from medium to larges. I could've started her earlier on the mediums, but when I finally looked into it I found a great starter deal on diaper swappers. Every once in a while I look for a great deal on the cute colors since we're just in the great orange and genuine vanilla.