Wednesday, April 6, 2011

large g's

Well, it's official... I've stepped up Zane to size large gDiapers. They really have to be wrapped around him to fit, however the mediums were just too small. He was showing a bit much "crack," if you know what I mean. My stash of larges were purchased via a few months ago in anticipation for when I'd need them. They are all vanilla color and well, "yawn," that is just not exciting enough for me. One of the perks of cloth is to be able to have fun colors. So, I've started looking into the most recommended way of dying them and found the "best" dye to be Procion MX. Apparently it isn't like Rit dye, but is fiber reactive, which will cling to the individual fibers better and make this more permanent of a dye, so I don't run the risk of bleeding in the wash (good for cotton, wool, and nylon, I believe it said). Let me go ahead and link to a step by step article written by TJana at Sunglasses for the Masses on how she used Procion MX to dye her gdiapers. I haven't found another tutorial, so maybe that can be something I add on my site - if I don't just follow hers!

Some others strategies (mostly found in my gDiaper yahoo group) include washing g's with a dye remover first to remove any original color, using Dylon (another frequently mentioned dye - going to have to look into whether this is a fiber reactive dye?) to dye them, and then washing them separately for the first few washes (or use a color catcher sheet in the wash cycle). They seemed to also use the soap called Synthrapol, which TJana mentions in her article as well.
Ok, so a little more to research before I take the plunge. I'll come back and edit with more info, regarding the specifics (cost of materials included) as I research.

Anyone have any experience dying their cloth diapers (g or otherwise)?


Dana Delynn said...

Aww, I remember Hannah moving up to larges. Its like they're not little anymore. But it was worth the lack of messes we had in mediums. :) Good luck on dying the gs. I never looked into it. We have boring colors too.

Matthew said...

umm babe who cares what color they are

1. he is a boy and
2. its his friggin underwear!

Mrs. H said...

@Matthew, because I have to change those boy underwear (well, and so do you) & it is much more fun ;)