Monday, January 17, 2011

ready for large?

Well, babysteals had a "steal" on gdiapers last week. By the time I got to the site, all that was left were larges - exactly what I need! A set of 6 for $49.99. Can't even get used ones for that low! So, anyways, I went ahead and got a pack to put away for later... or maybe for now? Zane still fits the mediums (he's somewhere around 22/24lbs, although he hasn't been in to the doctors since November at his one year checkup & I forget exactly where he was at that point...). Anyways, the mediums are a bit small on the rise and I'm thinking the larges might help with that. They say they fit 26lbs and up, so I might be jumping the gun, but I'm going to wash one up to try. They use the same size liner snapped inside, so the fit of that won't be compromised.
I thought I'd take a shot of the differences of medium vs. large in case anyone was interested in seeing the difference.
The orange is medium and vanilla is large:

Also, I took a snapshot of my current types of inserts right now.

I'm using mostly the same as I have been from the beginning, with some minor changes. I've had to use two microfiber cloths together, then wrapped in a piece of receiving blanket (as I described here). He is wetting heavier; he is a year now and eats and drinks like crazy. The brown insert is either a hemp prefold or a colorgrown prefold. I bought four of them used and aren't really that familiar with the differences to know for sure.
So, that's about where we are right now. Bowel movements aren't really that fun to deal with now that he eats normal "big people" food, but I just deal with it. Sometimes I cheat and stick him in a disposable diaper for his morning naptime because that is when he usually has one. Otherwise it's scrape off with a wipe and into a trashbag. I go through a ton of plastic bags (thank goodness for those store plastic grocery bags), lol.
I am looking forward to him being potty trained, but not ready to do EC or early potty training or anything... so with g's we will stay!

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