Tuesday, August 9, 2011


The kids and I went to my parents for a few days in late July and I had the opportunity to pull out my camera for more than just a few family shots. I've been lackadaisical about taking photographs this summer. My interest hasn't waned, but I just haven't looked for or taken the opportunities to get out and shoot.

I guess, in the past, I had put pressure on myself to "decide" what I'm going to do with photography instead of just purely enjoying it as a hobby and therefore I've almost ended up avoiding it all together. Crazy.

So, when we decided to go to a transportation museum, I got all giddy over what I could photograph. :) No planes, but plenty of trains and automobiles... and a fire truck and old tractor :)

A little bit random in the selection and processing, but I was having fun with my old friend, Lightroom and some random jazz music through iTunes, after the kids were in bed earlier this week.

Sweet Shot Day


Jane Anne said...

Oh, I so get the avoiding something that you want to do because you cannot decide how you want to do it. It is crazy. I am guilty of robbing myself of hobbies for that very same reason. I'm glad you got to enjoy yourself taking photos. Beautiful pieces of history!

Susan said...

I've went through that stage lately myself.

These were some really neat shots!