Wednesday, October 19, 2011

[day 19] family fun

Earlier this month, after confessing my "over thinking" addiction, my conclusion was to wait. Well, I'm still waiting, but I'm also taking baby steps in all the directions I have open at the moment. One of those is another blog site. I've begun a wordpress blog entitled "Moments Under the Sun."

As per my welcome page,
The intent of this new blog is to post ideas of ways for families to spend time together… generally outside… best enjoyed under the sunshine. Some ideas might be simple, requiring nothing more than a few extras, and others might be more complex. Inspired by sites like Pinterest and Etsy, I have found some of the neatest props and supplies to make these family events even more fun. I aim to bring in these ideas as a part of each post.
Another influence behind this blog’s formation is my enjoyment of photography. I have taken posed, group photos for families in the past, but get the most delight out of candid shots, photojournalistic in nature. Upon searching for sites offering ideas for family activities to set the stage for a great candid photo session, I came up short. Moments Under the Sun will also seek to fill that niche. This site will offer a photographer a host of ideas to present to their clients for an alternative to portraiture photography.
It's given me some fun ideas to follow through with for my own family and even one that I'm doing with a photography client. I guess it's a trial-run or if nothing else, just something that will motivate me to get creative with my kiddos, knocking out any excuses about not having ideas.

I'd be honored if you'd click on over then come back and let me know what you think. Should it be something you think would appeal to your readers, please feel free to link-up using the codes below. Just copy/paste the code into an "html" box or widget on your site. Thanks!

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Courtney K. said...

Love the header for the new site! Going to spend some time looking around. Looks like you have a great new thing going!