Tuesday, October 18, 2011

[day 18] Ministry Appreciation

Anyone given any thought to Ministry Appreciation Month?

Since attending our new church this summer, and more specifically after attending a women's ministry brunch, God has laid it on my heart to be in prayer and support of our pastors' wives. At this church, there are five of them, including a brand new youth pastor's wife, whose husband just started last week.

I'm not really sure what I need to be doing for them, except praying at this point. As I run into them at our MOMS ministry or at church, I'll stop and chat, but I have a desire to get to know them, the real them. I'm hesitant though because I don't want it to be about me. I don't want to be a friend with an ulterior motive or because I think I know how to navigate the world of pastor's wife better then them. But those are just excuses.

I want to be there because I know it can be a lonely place. Most relationships are superficial. You don't always gel with the other pastors' wives, although those are the most ideal places to look for a closer friend. The schedule can totally stink. Your hubby is consumed with the lives of church members/students and he can't always (or shouldn't always) talk about these things with you. With some churches it's even tougher... there might be pressure and expectations to be something you're not or to fill a preconceived role or standard.

I think, in celebration of Pastor Appreciate month, but really just "because" we are going to invite the senior pastor's family over for dinner (although I'm not sure how many children they have, lol). I have been able to chat with his wife several times at our MOMS ministry. I've enjoyed getting to know her. For the associate pastors, at this point, we are going to give them a card (I like the ones that include the pastor and his wife). A dinner would be the next step, but maybe not until after the holidays.

In the past, my husband has appreciated the cards (when someone personalized it with specific things they appreciated about him/his ministry) the most. He's also received a clock (kind of like this one) and gift cards (which have been great for the whole family!)

Have you ever taken the time (either in October specifically or otherwise) to outwardly appreciate your pastor and his family? I encourage you to seek him out in the next few weeks!

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