Monday, October 17, 2011

[day 17] status check

So, we are over the halfway mark of this 31 day journey. I have to confess. I am kind of in a slump. I have several more posts in mind, but the desire to post is just not there. I feel that by typing this, I am discounting the importance of my readers, and that is the furthest thing from my mind. This blog began as an experiment of sorts in 2007, joining this blogging world that I was involved in as a reader. Then when we lost Nathan in 2008, I really wanted to begin getting more frequent with my posting, as I found so much comfort from those who had also lost children. I guess since that time, I've just stayed with it, enjoying the people I've met through it, and finding so many great blogs through them.  As another positive, although I don't write exclusively about my family, this blog has helped me record some funny and sweet stories of them. So here I am now writing my 724th post! For someone that isn't too good at sharing feelings and thoughts, I'd say that's pretty good, lol. 

Being that I'm working at kicking out excuses this month, I guess there shouldn't be an excuse that keeps me from continuing since I do enjoy blogging. So bear with me, I'll get over the slump (maybe I just need another cup of coffee ;)

Do you blog? Do you ever find times that you want to quit?

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