Tuesday, July 3, 2007

are you delicate or a whoppertail?

Ok, Two background things here: 1. when my (almost-4 y.o.) daughter tries to play too rough w/ me, I tell her she needs to be careful b/c "I'm delicate." Usually this happens at about 5:00 when daddy's due home and she's gone beyond tired b/c she's not napped (she's beyond the age of naps, but could still really use one, if you know what I mean) so she's hyped up.

and, 2. I have no idea where this originated but my daughter's play name-calling word for my hubby is "whoppertail." Usually used in the context of "oh yeah, well you're a whoppertail, daddy!" or "daddy, you're such a whoppertail." It's hilarious.

Anyways, the reason for this explanation is that today I'm listening to her play and she's telling her stuffed animal, "Girls are delicate. Me and mommy are delicate and daddy, well, he's just a whoppertail! Boys are whoppertails!"

Too cute.

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