Sunday, January 24, 2010

a glimpse

Every now and then God gives you a glimpse of how you're impacting your child, positively, spiritually. Those are such sweet glimmers of hope.
Some background: When Lynn was a baby and had fussy times, I would begin singing to her. One of the songs I sang regularly was "I Love You Lord." The simple lyrics are as follows: "I love you, Lord; And I lift my voice; To worship You; Oh, my soul rejoice!; Take joy my King; In what You hear; Let it be a sweet, sweet sound in Your ear." I would silently chuckle, as even my off-tone singing and the screams of my infant could be lifted up as sweet, sweet sounds to the Lord.
I have recently begun singing those to Zane occasionally and Lynn has asked me to sing them to her at bedtime. Tonight I sang "I Love You Lord" after praying with her and tucking her in. I closed the door and went into my bedroom to get something. As I walked back down the hallway, I heard the sweet simple strains of "I Love You Lord" coming from behind her door... what pure fellowship between my little one and a Lord I pray she comes to know and accept one day.

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