Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wii anyone?

Free wii? No kidding. I'm working towards getting a wii for free and wanted to pass along the opportunity to you as well. Ok, don't tune me out... although it sure does seem like a long shot, I've heard about the Bonus Network from a regular reader of my blog (& IRL friend) and am taking a stab at it.
Check it out via this link.

Since he is an "expert" at it, receiving many "toys" for free (right Dana?) I'll post an explanation from Tim Schmoyer:

How it works

1. Companies (like Blockbuster, for example) are looking for new potential customers to try out their products and services.

2. Blockbuster goes to the Bonus Network and says, “Hey, we’ll give you $80 for every customer you send our way to try out our online DVD rental service.” (Some advertisers pay Bonus Network $80, some pay them $40.)

3. So Bonus Network comes to you and says, “If you try out Blockbuster’s service and refer other people to try it through us, or one of our other advertising partner’s services, we’ll split the $80 with you for each person you recruit.”

4. You try out Blockbuster’s service and get 6 (7, actually, for the Wii anyways) other people to try it, too (or another product/service offered through Bonus Network’s site) by giving your friends and family a special link that Bonus provides for you to share. (Of course, your friends can then get people to sign-up under their special link so they can work toward a free prize, too, but know that the people they refer have no benefit for you.)

5. After your 6 (7) friends try a product or service, Bonus Network says, “Thanks! We’ll give you $240 ($40/referral x 6 referrals) or an iPod Touch. Which do you want?”

6. About a week later, your prize shows up in the mail, or your money shows up in your PayPal account.

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Dana Schmoyer said...

It does work! Tim has gotten us an xbox360, both of our ipod touches, lots of cash, and I'm sure I'm forgetting some stuff. Totally worth it when you're on a budget and can't go out and buy a toy whenever you want!