Saturday, September 17, 2011

women, wives, & encouragement

Women. Attending several women and mom events at our new church as allowed me to plug in and become a part of a group of women again. It feels so wonderful to be surrounded with other ladies chasing after God, struggling with the days of drudgery and stumbling on rocks in the path of that journey. I guess a gal just needs to know she's not alone, and then more importantly, to be taught, encouraged, and even rebuked by older women that make up these groups as well.

This morning, there was a women's brunch to showcase some of ministries in the church that ladies specifically can get plugged into to serve. The event itself was fantastic, well thought out and orchestrated. What came as a surprise to me was what I was thinking as several of the pastors' wives got up to speak and share some of their story. I felt burdened for them. I began to pray for them as they spoke. I had a desire to recognize and appreciate them, as a person, not a title. A (new) friend of mine turned to me in awe after the senior pastor's wife stopped to introduce herself and chat with us for a bit this morning (we both have only been in the church for about 2 mos and hadn't yet met her in person).
I guess I know the other side. I appreciated my friend's respect for her because of her position, but I know she's far from perfection, as am I.
I don't really know where I'm going with all this. I guess I just felt impressed upon the need to encourage the pastor's wives where we are now attending. My heart actually craved for sharing life with them. It was kinda odd; I haven't felt a pull to be vocationally serving in the church yet again, so I don't know if I just fleshily wanted to be a part of "their" crowd or if it was God starting to stir my heart again towards supporting my husband in vocational ministry.   

In the meantime... I think I'll go write them each a short note of thanks for sharing their stories on Saturday. If you attend church, make an effort to smile or give a hug to your pastor's wife this weekend.

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