Thursday, October 20, 2011

[day 20] feverish

Why does take us moms being knocked down sick to reevaluate our bodies and our lifestyle? I have been feeling ill the past few days... a little bit of nausea, a lot of head pain, tired eyes, just kind of "yuck." I'm not late (yet) so I haven't really been thinking pregnancy (ok, ok, I did have a freak-out moment), however this morning I woke up with a fever. 101.1. Just enough to remind me, "Helloooo. You, yes, YOU. Sit down." Maybe I shouldn't have ignored those warning signs and pushed through to complete all my errands and chores this week. Maybe I should've taken the time to rest.

So rather than make excuses about how I need to finish a blog post, I am going to go lay down since Zane is taking a nap...

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