Thursday, March 31, 2011


So many thoughts in my brain today. This might be another brain dump post, but bear with me. I need to get my thoughts out and since I've prayed them up maybe I shouldn't dump, but I need to type it, if only to reread and then never publish...
I am a practical person and sometimes wrestle with the "point" of hobbies. What's "the point" of investing money into them (when things are so tight right now)? How do you measure the amount happiness obtained from them? And what does that translate over to? 10 mins of hobby happiness = __ amount of value? I don't want to go the route of my hobby being monetarily profitable in the easiest way. But I doubt it will be profitable in the way I am interested in it. [Yes, referring to photography.] So should it be enough that I derive pleasure from it? If so, how can I justify pouring money into it? Should I be spending my time with my hobby or filling my "precious" minutes that have either A. a bigger eternal significance or B. something that would help my family more tangibly (clip coupons, take online surveys, I dunno)?
As with all things, I guess it comes down to balance. Obviously, I know that hobbies are "good for you" and help your "state of mind." But is that a good enough reason?

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Miranda Hartrampf said...

You have an interesting point... i think hobbies like so much in life need to be practiced with moderation... to much can be harmful.