Thursday, December 9, 2010

brain dump

I am so bad at getting thoughts out on paper (or verbally) but feel like I have so much swirling in my head!

A couple of things I've been tossing around... (warning some are deeper than others)...
*light and dark... relating to photography & life.
*priorities in life... why can't I have time to get to #4 or 5 on the list? Even though they're less important are they any less critical to who I am?
*Christmas decs... due to snow, I might not be able to go get our boxes of decorations currently being stored at my parents 2 1/2 hrs away!
*photography... a love/hate relationship... I read all I can but need to get out and shoot, shoot, shoot... & various other observations.
*my addiction to cold m&m's and hot coffee... mmm, I digress.
*the pull between the pointlessness of keeping up with various things on the internet... & my desire to be on it.
*hospital bills and tithing... why I want to pay one and not the other...
*how much I love to use "...." in my typing and thinking...

Ok, so now I'm done, right? Yall know exactly what I mean and what I'm thinking on all of these subjects. Ha!
My brain dump is going to have to be it for now. Look for these topics in the future. And, hey, thanks for sticking around.

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