Tuesday, March 29, 2011

bradford pear bloom

We had some amazing, warm, sunny days the past two weeks. Windows were open; allergies be darned, lol. It made for some great playtime outside for Zane (on the swings) and for me (behind my camera lens)! We have two bradford pear trees at the back of our property line. They are stinky things, however sure do provide some beautiful white blooms at the start of the season. Here's one capture from that day.

50mm with macro lens attachment
ISO 400, f/10 at 1/160 sec

Sweet Shot Day


Kristy said...

Wow, I tried capturing a few of these in my neighborhood. But without success. I'm jealous!

Barb said...

Very beautiful!

Kara said...

beautiful shot! love the bokeh and focus!

deb duty said...

Very pretty photo! All of our pear trees are finished blooming so I'll have to wait til next year to take more photos of them.