Saturday, September 27, 2008

smoke it is!

Ok... short follow up to this post about a memorial tree for my son. After talking with the owner of the nursery (very sympathetic, very kind) in which we discussed several tree options, I decided on the smoke tree, like I was originally thinking. It will grow moderately fast and will work out nicely by the swingset. Pretty cool... usually he is able to get them from his supplier/grower in three inch pots, but he called and he's got a larger one in a seven inch pot that's already five feet tall. Hooray! We're on our way! The first pic shows a close-up of the leaves (burgundy in color that actually go deeper purple/almost black by fall, before they fall off). The second picture shows what it looks like when it blooms (early spring/Mayish around here) - you can see why it's called a smoke tree. It's almost hazey around it as it flowers (you can see the close up of the delicate flower in the first pic. w/ the leaves). We have cyprus and some maple trees along the back of our property. I am excited to see how this burgundy is set off with the green backdrop behind it. It should "pop"! I can't want to be reminded of my little son each time I look out my kitchen window to the backyard. I'll see my daughter on the swingset and a tree, in memory of my son, just next to it.

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