Friday, September 26, 2008

contributing... more than just money

I worked yesterday. The oh-so-exciting employment of data entry! ;-) I'm filling in around the health system I work for and am scheduled for this data entry position each Thursday for the next five weeks. What I'm doing is I'm working for the United Way campaign, entering people's contributions. I see numbers ranging from zero to over two thousand dollars. As I filled in all the blanks under each individual's name, I got to thinking... if this were a spiritual contributions statement would I be clicking the "zero donation" button or "add new donation"? Do I see and take opportunities around me to "contribute" to the kingdom of heaven? Could I be labeled "poor in spirit" as Jesus defines in the Beatitudes (in other words, am I broken and hungry, desiring God to mold me and use me to His service)? Continuing in the Beatitudes passage.. am I mourning that which mourns God? Do I hurt when I see others that don't know Him as Savior and Lord? Do I grieve when I see others' make decisions and mistakes based upon their lack of a relationship with God? If I am, I am in the perfect place to find and make contributions to the Kingdom. If I'm not, then I need a serious spiritual checkup. Where are you today?

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