Monday, November 21, 2011

free birthday card

Ok, I know you might be tired of this, but I can't be tired of free... just ordered a free personalized birthday card from Tiny Prints this afternoon. Same deal as before - today only - pick a birthday greeting card, add your photos and personal touches, then it ships for free to you. My $4 card became free with code FREEBD.

Since we don't have any family or friend birthdays until March (weird, I know, but there aren't many winter babies in my family), I decided I would get this card...

find it here

...and put Zane's photo in the photo spot (with no wording under it). I'm then going to cut and frame it as a memento of his second birthday earlier this month. :)  Fun!

I did find these, though, and thought they were adorable as well, for the ladies in the family:
find it here

This would be super fun for your little fairy. Who doesn't like a great maze to go along with a birthday wish?

find it here

This cupcake tree would be perfect for my best friend. Ah, to feast on a tree's worth of cupcakes... oh man, yumminess.

Have fun... and happy birthday to whomever will receive your personalized creation :)

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