Monday, November 21, 2011

Caring for Orphans

To wrap up my mini "series" on adoption, I wanted to embed a trailer for a documentary film about adoption.

Rescued: The Heart of Adoption and Caring for Orphans - Trailer from Rescued The Movie on Vimeo.

A couple of things that stood out to me:
-Every 18 seconds, around the world, a child becomes an orphan. When the church leaves their care up to the state, we are missing out on impacting their lives for the gospel of Christ.
-God doesn't say natural born children are a blessing from the Lord, but children.
-Not everyone is called to adopt, but we are called to help.
-James 1:27 defines pure religion as one that takes care of orphans and widows.

For more information on adopting, I would direct you to Show Hope's "How to Adopt" website. A known, reputable non-profit organization (associated with adoptive parent and singer/songwriter, Steven Curtis Chapman), Show Hope, is a good place to start. If you prefer just to donate financially, they offer a variety of ways that can be done as well. If you are sitting there like me and think, what else can I do? They answer that question as well.

Open up your heart and mind. God might just be whispering something to your heart. Could you have room in your family for another child?

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