Saturday, November 19, 2011

adoptive families in action

I have several in-real-life friends that have adopted children into their families. One of these lives in our town and our husbands are friends, both involved in youth ministry. They adopted 2 babies from the Congo. I had the opportunity to take photos of each of their "gotcha days" - the day they arrived home, just off of the airplane with their new mom and dad. I later then took photos of the siblings and even looking at those photos now, I think, "There is the definition of family. There is the definition of caring for orphans." The meaning of family surpasses blood and skin color, it goes much deeper than that. When I look at these families, I am reminded of that.

The journey of adoption is never "pretty." One couple, unable to have children of their own, adopted a little girl from the US, and have now been waiting four years for an opportunity for a son. They just got word that they have been selected as parents for a baby boy, due the end of next month. I am beyond thrilled for her family. There is a big sister that is so ready to have a brother!

Another family's adoption story I have followed online. A youth pastor and his wife, with three natural born boys of their own, felt the call to adopt. In God's amazing timing, two baby girl twins practically "fell" into their family. (Although the actual process was much more complicated). Ashley's also given us a glimpse of real-life, sharing that the addition of two more (girls were 1 yrs old when they moved in with them) isn't always easy. It's been hard on the girls to adjust to their new family and the big brothers have had slight challenges of their own as well.

I am blessed to have these families as my friends. They have displayed obedience, in action, to God's call to take care of widows and orphans (James 1:27). They remind me that I need to do my part as well.

By the way, today is officially National Adoption Day. If you have had any thoughts regarding adoption, I encourage you to stay in prayer about it, but also to find another family that has been there and start to discuss the idea, whether international or in-country.

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