Wednesday, November 16, 2011

come out of hiding... giveaway!

Winner announced: Congratulations to The Osbornes! You have won yourself a great new bag and wrap set! Sarah from LivingLady will be contacting your shortly. Enjoy!

Nothing too significant about it being blog post number 741 or the date of November 16th, so I'm going to spice it up and host my first-ever blog giveaway!

A few weeks ago I wrote about my friend Sarah's etsy business, Living Lady, how she makes reusable snack bags (& more) and how I thought about dusting off my sewing machine, now inspired to do a little sewing of my own. Well, alas, with the whole PUL plan crashing (it's not food safe), Sarah came to my rescue and gifted me several individual pieces from her store to try with my children and then review with you all.

Lynn was absolutely in love with the prints when she first saw them. The flowers coordinated quite well with her flower lunchbox. She was all into the idea of having a much prettier way to hold her goldfish, chips, cookies, etc than a plastic ziploc bag. She's had various teachers and students admiring them and asking her about them. She feels like a star :)

Zane had a blast with the tractor print, but at 24 mos, was still having a bit of a problem pulling open the velcro. After a week of use, he's got the technique down and can almost get it. He's a man with a one-track mind though, and prefers instant access to his snacks (even if that means half are spilled on the floor next to him because of his enthusiasm, sighhh).

I must admit, I didn't think I'd like the sandwich wrap as much as I do. I'm a wax paper gal. I grew up eating a sandwich on a piece of wax paper every day at school. It was easy to toss all the crumbs when I was done. I'd spread my chips on it and everything. Well... (duh) this sandwich wrap is all the same but without the tossing :)  It's just the right size and includes a good-sized amount of velcro for adjusting closure tightness.

I have found all to be very easy to clean. I've just wiped down the sandwich wrap each evening and handwashed the baggie in the kitchen sink with some dish detergent every few days or if I'm switching from crackers to cookies in it. They are machine washable if needed as well, although I have not tried it.

Now to the good part... Sarah has put together this set for one of my readers to enjoy for free! It consists of 2 reusable snack bags, one sandwich wrap, and one coordinating reusable napkin. Honestly, these prints are beautiful and look adult friendly enough for you to use as well.
I mean, If Lynn hadn't already taken over Zane's, I'd be using it for me (even if it is tractors!). They are very purse-friendly.

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment. Use this as a way to de-lurk and say "hi"! I'd enjoy meeting more of you!

Contest is open for 2 days - I will close comments and pick a winner at naptime/lunchtime friday!
*I am extending this contest to run until Monday, Nov 21st. I will close comments and announce winner 12 noon EST.
Please make sure to leave your email if you don't have your address listed in your blog/profile.

Can't wait that long? Sarah has offered my readers 10% off with the promo code "Sarah" at checkout. Go check out her products. The quality is first-rate; you won't be disappointed.

Be sure to go visit and "like" her facebook page as well - you can find LivingLady here

disclaimer: I was given several products for free in exchange for my honest review.

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I'm "delurking". I would love some free bags!!