Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Lynn was off from school last Thursday and Friday. We figured we'd make use of the extra long weekend and finally take that family camping trip we've been aiming for all summer. My hubby and daughter went camping one weekend this summer and then my hubby, with both kids, joined my inlaws for a camping weekend earlier this fall, but so far this year we hadn't camped as just a family of four.

So we booked a site about a month in advance, hubs requested off work, and we compiled a packing list, including planning for meals. Thursday arrives and it's a beautiful almost-70 degrees! With cooler temperatures forecasted for the rest of the week, we still remained optimistic as we loaded our bags (appropriately full of long-sleeves and layers) in our short-sleeved tee's. We get to the site a little later than we had hoped, but got everything set up in daylight. The site itself was beautiful! [If you are looking to camp in North Carolina, be surrounded by trees and water, with beautiful hiking and mountain biking trails accessible from the campground, drop me an email and I'll recommend the place for you.] Zane and Lynn had a blast finding some fallen branches to store up for future kindling. We felt secluded but were within in an easy few steps away from the car (kept our food in the car).

I don't know if you've been camping with young children, but Zane would just not settle down in his sleeping bag. Lynn was hyper-excited as well, which did not help him to chill and fall asleep. Finally I crawled into the bag with Zane and cozied up to Lynn, helping the two of them finally conk out. A few hours later I awake with half of myself out of the sleeping bag, practically frozen. I grab a few blankets, make sure the kids are tucked under and then go back to sleep. A few more hours later I awaken to the sound of pouring down rain. Brrr... again, I snuggle back down. (Mr. H is across the tent "snug as a bug" in his warm sleeping bag, oblivious ;)

Anyways, another few hours later, the kids are awake and UP. For good. It's still pouring down rain outside and not a degree above 40. We pile on layers, including rain jackets, never quite been tested like this before, and run under the cover to warm up some hot water for oatmeal and coffee.  

After trying to corral an almost-2 year old under the covering, we give up, and let him get wet. Still very cold outside, we eventually decide that it'd be best to take Zane in the tent, put him in dry clothes and just try and hang out inside to see if he'd take a nap. Again, corralling a 2 yr old in a tent... not fun. We play cars and some other toys, but it becomes clear he is not interested in napping.

So, what do you do when all else fails? We loaded up in the car, went to a local Chick-Fil-A and let the kids climb in the playplace! Some hot coffee and good chicken later, my hubby and I had decided that for our family's health, we'd just pack up and head home. The lows were expected to reach 35 that evening, with the rain continuing until about noon the next day. Even after the rain stopped, I figured the mud would be gross.

Bummer. Our 4 day camping trip had just dissolved down to 2. So, we headed back to the site, folded up the soaked tent in the pouring rain and loaded everything else back into the car. We made it home for a late dinner that evening, after driving around to take a few photos of the area. The rain made the colors so beautifully saturated.

The next day (Saturday) we were able to spread everything out to dry, as we eventually had sun (along with some high winds!). 

Not wanting our smore supplies to go to waste, we lit a fire in our fireplace and made smores at home! Yum, yum!
All in all, not quite what we expected, but we still enjoyed the time together, just a lot more dry and warm!

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