Monday, October 31, 2011

[day 31] stinkers!

Well, I was doing so well with my 31 days... trucking right along... until our "let's go camping as a family" extended weekend hit and I just did not get it together enough to post ahead of time!
I'm sorry, yall. I guess that means I "failed," although really just experimental in nature, this "31 Days" showed me that I appreciate blogging when I feel like I have something to say versus forcing something. (I'd like to think the quality of my posts is better with that method as well). So while I am so very glad I picked up new readers, and I certainly invite you back even though the series is over, I am not going to commit myself to daily blogging just because a series dictates such. :) I know that I found some other great blogs this month because of the series (and they all completed the challenge - hooray for them!) and look forward to their regular content resuming.

Let me leave you with a photo from our camping weekend, although it will be a post in itself later this week.

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