Sunday, October 2, 2011

[day 2] laundry & rest

Something I've usually been pretty good about, but lately have just been rationalizing by making up excuses in my head, is doing chores on Sunday. We really like to try and keep Sundays a "Sabbath," which for us primarily means family time or just resting. Family time could be vegging in front of a movie or playing outside. Resting means, well, zonking out on the couch after church and lunch. :)

When I don't do what I need to do during the week, it's still there on the weekend (duh, I know!). It's so easy to say, "The laundry is really piling up. I need to do it now," but honestly, as a stay at home mom, I should be able to budget my time wisely and complete laundry on the other six days of the week. It's when I'm wasting my time that it doesn't get done.

Now, of course there are exceptions, weeks when inevitably someone drops something on their shirt during dinner, the kids were out playing in the rain, or Mr. H needs his biking clothes done in between rides, but there should be no excuses when I haven't spent my time wisely during the earlier part of the week!

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