Sunday, October 9, 2011

[day 9] friendship

I am ashamed to say that I am an avoider. When conflict arises between myself and another, I flee. When I fail at something after continuing to attempt it, I give up and go on to something else. When I try and try to remain in contact with someone and they don't try back, I no longer extend myself.
I sure did paint a picture of a selfish person, and I would agree, and do agree, even when that someone is me that it is no way to live, especially for one striving to be a witness for Christ. 

I am struggling to shed off some excuses regarding the last scenario this afternoon. I have a friend that just does life differently right now. Full time job, mommy to an infant, juggling an elementary school child and working as a rep for a direct sales company (all while her hubs works a 60hr work week). Sadly for her, she really doesn't have much "me" time anymore. It concerns me honestly. So as her friend, my role is really just to drop her an email or two, text her every now and then, and mostly just keep her in prayer. We'll talk every few weeks or so. I know she's exhausted. It's not her fault that she doesn't have time to hang out, talk, etc., it's just where she is right now.

My tendency in this situation would be to slowly, after time and time of not getting any response, ignore her or "forget" about her. Sorry, I'm just being (brutally) honest. So, today, when we needed to meet up with her to discuss her participation in a mutual event, I considered suggesting dinner but excuses came to mind, "I'm sure she busy. She's always busy. Or if not, she's probably cherishing her family time or cleaning house, lol." At my husband's encouragement, I called her and we pulled together plans for a potluck dinner. I'm so glad for a guy's no-nonsense type of thought sometimes. My hubs was like, "What? Just call her. She's your friend." So thanks, Mr. H. Thanks for reminding me that friendship isn't about keeping track, but instead about continuing to reach out, giving support, and just being there for when she can be there.

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