Monday, October 10, 2011

[day 10] window treatments

Uck. Pulling out all sorts of "I don't want to" excuses for not tackling some of the items on my fall cleaning list.

Probably the easiest item on my list is to take down curtains and wash them.

I did the master bedroom and living room ones this summer, although honestly, they might as well get washed again while I'm doing the rest of them. I really need to wash Zane's curtain. His hasn't been washed since I created/sewed it when he was born (Yikes. He turns two next month folks.). 

The thing that makes this such a stinky endevour is not the washing. I don't mind that. I don't mind standing on a chair, taking the rods down, and pulling off the curtain panels. The thing that makes me dread this task... is the ironing that must take place before they get rehung. Ugh. I do not like to iron. at all.

So what is on your fall cleaning list? Do you tackle the most dreaded task first or put that one off until last?

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