Wednesday, October 5, 2011

[day 5] sending a card

Putting off writing a card to an acquaintance today. We've never met in person, just spoken once over the phone. We were brought together by our mutual experience over losing a full-term baby during pregnancy (& now, for her, a mutual experience of being subsequently pregnant!). Since that call, we had a miscommunication (maybe?) over plans for meeting in person and then two un-returned phone calls made to her since then. I have a card sitting right here but for some reason I just keep making excuses to write in it and send it. I've got to get it out in the mailbox before the mailman comes this afternoon.

I generally really enjoy sending cards. While I am on the computer throughout the day and keep my email up, there's something about receiving an actual card in the mail that can't be duplicated via the computer. I love it, especially when the sender has taken time to write a longer letter or note inside. I guess it's because I love to receive them that I like to send them as well.

Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and losing a loved one are all natural occasions to send cards, but what about a note to encourage another? Have you ever sent a card just because?

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Jaymi said...

Feeling convicted because I just threw away a card that has been ready to mail for weeks. Seemed silly to send it this long after I meant to.

Mrs. H said...

Oh Jaymi, I understand. I have done that as well. The thing I was writing to say thank you for was so long ago, or that person's tough time passed along before I got the card out to her.
But, I encourage you to mail a new card to that person - even if it's for no reason other than to say hello and that they've been on your mind!