Thursday, October 6, 2011

[day 6] snuggles, cuddles... time

I beat down all my excuses today (I need to vacuum my floors)... sat down, cuddled my son, and read books together. Kicked out some more excuses (my kitchen is a mess)... and took him outside to play. Didn't think twice... and watched some of his favorite tv show, Curious George, with him on my lap.

I sure do love this little guy. He is growing before my eyes. His second birthday will be here in just a few weeks. He is getting so big and so active... he doesn't stop too often for cuddles anymore, but when he does he is so sweet. He will wrap his arms around my neck, give me a hug, and pat me on my back. Too cute. It's this weird feeling... he is so large in my arms, that the "babyness" feel of him has morphed into the reality of holding/hugging a child vs a baby. I really do enjoy him at this age and wouldn't rewind him to infancy, but it's this bittersweet feeling of knowing that time is passing.

Yeah, he's worth kicking out some excuses for.

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Alene said...

Amen. Every stage is my favorite. :)