Friday, October 14, 2011

[day 14] grace

I'm not sure why I've made excuses for not writing this post until it's almost the end of my "free time" but I have. Here I sit, after just watching Emily Freeman's interview on 100 Huntley thinking about my life and about the concept behind her book. Her description of herself and her life (minus the parental details) sounds like me. Striving to be "the good girl" but not on purpose necessarily, just out of what felt normal. Feeling bad when things didn't go as they should. Making it a point to work on being better at showing love, joy, peace, patience (fruit of the spirit), feeling out of sorts when I didn't have control over a situation, and just going for "good" instead of "grace." 

Although this wasn't started as an advertisement for her book, I guess it is, as Grace for the Good Girl is on my to-buy/to-read list now. I continue to try and change myself. But I guess that's just it. It needs to be less about the trying and more about the waiting, relying, trusting, and just giving. Letting grace teach me that it's less about what I can accomplish and more about what He can accomplish through me. Connecting this to my self confessed lack of patience the other day, I guess it's just one more occasion of God whispering to me to slow down.

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