Tuesday, September 20, 2011

work complications

I spoke with my boss today and discovered further complications to my already complicated job position. I work from home, occasionally, doing mainly special administrative projects for the recruitment department of a large health system. Well, I just found out they are now outsourcing the recruitment duties! So, my boss, who had set up this special position to keep me with the company (after I lost my son, I left my permanent part time position as I just needed some time to grieve and focus on family). My boss, who knew I could be trusted to do some of these confidential, administrative things and to track hours ethically, is now being shifted to a different position within the system. Hm. Where does that leave me? My chances of ever being called on to work are pretty much nil. Everything I was helping with will now be handled by a company across the country! However, she said I will remain on the payroll, should I want to shift into a more permanent position one day (which is still quite a perk).

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So that leaves me... in prayer, pretty much. I have been researching online opportunities, such as setting up a profitable blog or possibly becoming a virtual assistant for a blogger or a small/large business owner. Both would be from home, but both would require time set aside for those responsibilities. We are in a position right now that we require supplemental income to cover our needs. That commitment is something I am ready to make.

So, to God is where I turn, and to you, my blog readers! Should you have any advice, wisdom, or real-life stories I would be interested in hearing below in the comments. And of course, if you know of any potential employers looking for a virtual assistant, that comes with experience and references, please feel free to email me.

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