Wednesday, September 21, 2011

rug dirt

You know how when you ignore something and you hope it'll go away? Only one day it just blows up in your face? I'm feeling a little stomped on and beaten down today. Circumstances around me, but ones that I am intricately a part of, just kinda exploded last night. The details aren't critical to share but I'm having a hard time recovering. It'd be easy to just sweep it under the rug, but unfortunately the rug is so dusty underneath, it's just coming out other side anyways. (To keep with the analogy...) what I need to do is pick up the rug and shake it out. Only the rug is really really heavy and it's not easy to lift. It's gonna take work hauling it outside so that it can be shaken clean. Quite frankly, I'd rather just hide that rug with a nice little table and chair, and then sit in that chair drinking a nice cup of hot tea.

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