Friday, June 17, 2011


I am really struggling with transitioning into summertime. I haven't been on my blog in a week (sorry about that!) and really haven't had much "screen time" to read others' blogs either. One thing is for sure: I have got to get us into a steady summer routine. I need it, Lynn needs it, and Zane needs it. And for the state of my household when my husband arrives home, he needs it.

I am finding that I tend to want to leave the house (usually mornings) to go run an errand or even just head to the library or park, just to get out of the house with the kids. It makes the day go by and gives us some variety. [It can also be very dangerous because it invites the opportunity to spend money which I have got to be very careful about.] Then comes lunch and Zane's nap (& Lynn's reading or play in her own room) time. That's about the only time I get to myself. Lynn is a talker and I have got to get into "mommy-mode" and be ready to listen. I think this is such a great opportunity to be there for her, to listen, and to be able to speak into her life, that I've gotta be on my game. But, I think it also means that we do some daily chores, daily fun things, and "scheduled" time apart as well.

I have found already that when Lynn is bored during the day (usually about 4:30-5p), she picks on her brother. So I've got to invent something for that time of day. Zane is usually ready for dinner and more temperamental around that time of afternoon anyways, so his sister's picking does not go over well. Mr. H usually gets home about 5:45, so that is a long hour. Unfortunately it's just been so stinking hot that I can't kick them outside to play every day, although I do that a lot.

How do you handle summer? Is it a break from schedules or do you set up a routine?

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