Monday, June 20, 2011

summer ideas

So, speaking of coming up with a new summer routine...
I'm here to brainstorm...
I've googled "free things to do this summer" (I know, I know, brilliant, right) and found some great resources. So rather than recreate those, I'm gonna give some linky love to strangers, whom I stumbled upon for their great ideas!

The Simple Dollar - 100 Things to Do During a Money Free Weekend (activities geared to all ages, not specific to children) - Free Summer Program for Kids (did you know Target has reduced/free admission to museums around the country?)

Crystal & Co. - 80+ Inexpensive or Free Summer Ideas for Kids (she breaks it into categories: "go," "make," "play & do")

My area offers free G & PG movies two mornings a week. Well, let me retype that... in the past they have been free, but it looks like this year they are charging $1 (stinkers!). One of the theaters hosting this is own by Regal Entertainment Group, which is across the USA (maybe in your area?)

The things I already have on my list?
*local library (summer reading program, family movie times & story times) *Vacation Bible School (2 of 'em!) *Apple Computer's Filmmaker's Camp (ages 8+) *YMCA's water park (we were given 6 free passes) *movies *picnicking at the park *board & card games *LOTS of reading time *practicing multiplication tables (I know, I know, no fun)

What are your ideas for the summer. Anyone have any? They must be free. Let's put our heads together...

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