Friday, June 10, 2011


Textures, textures... they have always been something that I have been intrigued with. Not having Photoshop, I never thought I'd get the chance to "play" with textures. Well, good thing Scott Kelby tweeted otherwise! Weeks(?) Months(?) ago he tweeted about a new program called Perfect Layers, designed to work hand in hand with Lightroom (& Aperture) to allow users to layer (aka use textures!) I downloaded the free trial and then just got caught up in life/stuff. I finally took some time yesterday to play around with several photos and here are a few of my beginner-results (click on each photo to enlarge):

Free textures used in layering for the above photos can be found here. I'm linking up with Foto Friday using the above photo of my son for "action." We took a walk around some new botanical gardens in my area and he was quite taken with... the gravel on the ground and the bugs he found (boys!).

In this photo, I actually layered another photo I had taken of this plant, however only of just the leaves. It turned out kind of busy, maybe, but I thought it was neat, especially after taking it brown and white.

My free trial of the program ends at the end of this month, so now I need to decide whether I want to invest in it! (Not that I get any kick-backs for mentioning, but they are running a pre-release special price now, before it releases on the 17th of June).


Kim said...

Um, you did a great job for a first timer. I still haven't gotten comfortable with textures yet. I think these are really good. It looks like you had fun playing around with the layers.
Thanks for joining in Foto Friday.

Anne U said...

The processing on the black and white photo is beautiful.

JA said...

Beautiful. Thanks for the tip.