Thursday, April 21, 2011

a list to shred

Week 2 of this introspective, deep-thinking (for me ;) assignment... Since this week will continue off of last week's, go ahead and read my first week's post here then continue below.

Ahhh, so there is Courtney's next assignment. It starts with a list. Sounds simple enough. After all, I like to blame things that keep me from accomplishing what I should. As with all blame-games, my list will include some "actual" excuses and those that are selfishly based... I will strikeout to simulate my "shredding it into tiny pieces," lol.
What holds me back?
lack of money
lack of time
son's nap schedule
daughter's school schedule
no self motivation/laziness
getting out of comfort zone
thoughts of not being talented enough
guilt over choosing a lesser priority over something more significant
putting myself last to others' needs/desires

Ok, so now that I have no excuses... what is next? How do I get to my dream goals? Looking at the same categories I used before:
In My Marriage? More time alone with my hubs. Maybe a work day off for him + a babysitter... allowing us to "hang out," wander around town, or even just tackle a big house project together. A date night or one of these "hang out" days at least once a month.

In My Spiritual Life? Continuing my daily quiet time to take in more of the Word. To fill myself with His word, so that the overflow out of my heart would be nothing but His purity. But, as far as serving goes, contacting the support group I am volunteering for and seeing if they are ready for extra help to make their online goals a reality. Digging in deeper to help.

In My Career? Reminding myself daily that there is no greater importance than being a mom. That I will literally have no greater impact with anyone else over my children, and also that no one will have a great impact on them then their dad and I.
Photography-wise, I need to make sure I make time to shoot. Now that spring has arrived, there is no lack of "prettiness" to photograph. I will make a list of all known gardens, parks, etc in the area and make it a priority to go to at least one, no two, times/places a month. One of those times will be for us as a family to head to a park (and hike, etc - not counting the playdates on the park playgrounds!) and the second will be for me. It'd be great if I could schedule a babysitter for that date. Maybe that should be on the list too. Enlist a sitter once a month for my son's benefit as well as mine.

I think that's a good start. Not too overwhelming...


Miranda Hartrampf said...

Being a mom is the most important thing and i have to remember this everyday when i find myself longing for things i use to have or be able to do.

Courtney K. said...

These sound like GREAT steps to get moving. Digging deeper into God's word on a daily basis is sure to get you spiritually fired up! It's so important to find time to just "be" with your hubs sometimes. And I am right there with you on making time to shoot something new. It's a force to be reckoned with at times, but always SO worth it!