Tuesday, December 28, 2010

SnOw beautiful

What an amazing sight on Christmas morning! And waking up to it still on the ground for so many days afterwards as well! It has been awhile since we have gotten this much snow at once.

The snow prompted a walk around the neighborhood, complete with seeing the "beauty" in a variety of everyday sights now enhanced with the white stuff.

This shot I made black and white, although with the lack of color, it wasn't too much of a change :) However, I think the contrast is striking and even more defined in the black & white scheme.

While I was in our neighbor's yard (they moved to TX & had to leave their house empty here, for sale) snapping a few shots to send to them, I found one of their trees still holding onto its leaves. The snow on top gave it quite an interesting depth to it.

While I was traipsing around the neighborhood, I left my son in his grandma's care, to juggle him and their small dog (on a leash)... unfortunately Zane took a tumble and face-planted on the freshly shoveled sidewalk, resulting in quite a nice scratch the entire top of his nose. He took it bravely with little tears. All we had bandage-wise was a Hello Kitty band aide from big sister. My husband's reply? "Please get this boy some camo band aides or something!" LOL. At least he made it to one year in age before having his first big gash - pretty remarkable. Although seeing how adventurous he is now that he's always on the go, I'm sure this little Hello Kitty band aide photo will be a fun reminder of when it all started, lol.

Sweet Shot Day


Ashley Sisk said...

Awwww poor thing but the snow did look beautiful!

Reading Allowed said...

Poor Zane! I wondered where all the snow had gone to! I'm in Colorado and we've had almost nothing this year. I really miss it!

Kristy said...

great winter scenes!

April said...

I really like and relate to the premise of your blog especially after the quicksand day I had today. God bless you.