Monday, December 27, 2010

scavenger hunt, take 1

My first entrance into Ashley's Scavenger Hunt Sunday (submitted a day late...). I have been really liking this "brown and white" preset that I got for Lightroom, so all my photos in this post will be a tweaked version of that preset. Enjoy :)

There are so many things I could have chosen for family, but something that says extended family, holidays, and big meals is the "good china." Just a few times a year (if we're hosting) the china gets pulled down and used. While registering, it was only because of the insistence of my grandmother that we even picked any out. Now, after moving it numerous times over the years, I've said I'd like to use it more and just celebrate the ordinary events. I think that's going to be one of my goals for 2011.

Motion Blur

Mmmm... while growing up, baking and Christmas were synonymous. We made numerous types of Christmas cookies each year. One of the best things about Christmas morning was that we could snack on Christmas cookies whenever we wanted! Typically, we'd eat a big breakfast and then mom would have a turkey cooking for a late lunch/early dinner type meal. So - that meant a nice little gap in there that had to be filled with some kind of snacks. ;)

Pretty Package
Well, I did not get any photos of pre-opened gifts this year, so I will cheat and insert this photo of a snow-covered tree. We got a white Christmas this year, which in itself was a present for us :)

My hubby took this photo of my son and I as I had lifted him up to see the falling snow. One of his favorite phrases now is, "oooooo." He was quite impressed with the snow! (Not so impressed the next day when we bundled up and went out in it, as it was tough to walk in, lol).


This little hand-decorated bulb ornament is one of my favorites. It sparkles with just a dusting of clear glitter, but what it is and the little poem that is attached makes my eyes "sparkle" with tears as I think about my daughter continuing to grow up. (This was from when she was four; she's now seven).


Ashley Sisk said...

So glad you've joined us - I'm loving your motion blur shot and your black and white processing is really interesting. Love it.

Jenn said...

♡ your pretty package shot!!! Wasn't it wonderful to have a white Christmas? Something to remember for sure. :)