Friday, October 1, 2010

online selling

So have any of you had much success with Craigslist? We have sold maybe 5 things - 2 of which were out of state so we mailed the item - and have been pretty happy about it. Today I just posted our kitchen table and chairs. We've not sold anything that large before, so we'll see how it goes. We're thinking about posting our car as well. That would definitely be the most expensive thing we've posted. I know people make a career out of purchasing and selling items, which totally amazes me. What a great talent they must have for finding a bargain and then knowing the market well enough to be able to price and sell above what they found it for.
So how about you? What's the biggest item you've bought or sold online? Score any deals lately?


HDMac said...

I have "scored" with fabric! Found a lady selling tons of fleece and then another that was having a garage sale that had MEGA fabric... loved it. I would caution you with selling large dollar amount items...... Please be careful how you meet them and what the terms are....I don't want to scare you, just caution you. We had a horrible incident with former members of our church that were selling a high dollar ring online....So just be careful! I care!

Mrs. H said...

Good advice on being cautious... ended up selling the table to a friend's family member. We're in the beginnings of a deal with an acquaintance for the car. Will be getting legal advice, though, before the car's final.