Friday, October 8, 2010

next? next!

Back from our trip to NAMB and have a kiddo with the stomach flu. My poor mom apparently also has that stomach flu back at her house today as well. (Sorry, mom!)
The interview went well! We were told that if we made it that far & were invited to NAMB, then it was just a matter of a few more questions during the official interview time and hopefully no red flags from that. And... no red flags, so my hubby is "provisionally" endorsed! There's a meeting later this month, where the trustees (I think) look over his file and officially give an endorsement that the Army requires. NAMB was such a generous host, feeding us, encouraging us, and answering all the questions we could come up with.
Next up for us - getting with the Army chaplain recruiter and doing all that he requires. Army's chaplain spots are being reduced so the next challenge is to be accepted by the Army over all the other candidates applying. If I heard correctly, there are 120 faith groups that are represented by chaplains in the military. That is a bunch! I don't even think I could name 50, let alone 120! So, with the Army only having about four dozen spots open for 2011, it will completely be a "God-thing" if he is selected. Not that my husband isn't an amazing candidate for it - his military college degree along with his vocational ministry experience make him an excellent choice! However, for me, it's intimidating hearing the stats. We have slowly walked this direction, praying that doors will close if we aren't headed in a God-honoring direction, so we'll just keep doing that.
There were 14 others there with us this week. It was such a sweet time. Technically, I guess, we are in competition with two of those, as there were three of us families interested in Army (the others were either church planters, hospital chaplains, or Navy chaplains). We all bonded quickly, sharing our journey thus far, talking about our children, and discussing our hopes for the future. I guess that's kind of a foreshadowing of what Army life will be like. From what I hear, friendships are established quickly and life is shared.
I feel a bit more settled. We have a focused goal to work towards. Of course, it is mostly up to my husband to get through the steps which will include a bunch of paperwork and physical fitness training. However, I do have a job in all of this, as his wife - to pray, encourage, and cook low fat meals. :) I'm looking forward to seeing what God has in store.
Now, time to go check on my daughter...

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