Sunday, October 10, 2010

the basics

Surfing around tonight and belatedly found this series at my3boybarians. I am so excited! 31 Days to a Better Photo. Darcy is spending what must be an unbelievable amount of time putting these posts together - what a wealth of information for beginners! She's got plenty of diagrams and photos in each post to describe what she's teaching. If you have any interest in moving off of "automatic" and into "manual," bookmark this series!
Another place to check out, if you're more of a video learner, is The Art of Photography podcast series. These 5-10 minute podcasts have been great to watch during lunchtime. Ted Forbes does a good job explaining photography terms and ideas with plenty of examples.
There are so many wonderful resources out there. So many talented individuals! Let me direct you to one more site I found: Ann Marie at Household 6 Diva compiled a link list of places that she's found helpful. You might find something there that will help as well.
Happy shooting!

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