Thursday, September 30, 2010


Have you heard the song from Chris Tomlin titled, I Will Follow? Every time I hear the song I get chills and my heart feels full. I realize that the song writer is talking about following God - All your ways are good; All your ways are sure; I will trust in You alone. I want that to be my heart's cry. I want to submit right now to His ultimate authority over my life. However, when the song comes to the chorus - Where you go, I'll go; Where you stay, I'll stay; When you move, I'll move; I will follow you - I first think of the Ruth, from the Bible. She committed to staying with her mother in law, Naomi, even after her husband's death. She was willing to move to Naomi's homeland even though it was foreign from hers. Then my thoughts turn to our possible life transition - from civilian to military. This decision requires bravery and commitment from my husband, but also from me (& the kids). However, I respect his love and leadership for our family. I am not opposed to the idea of becoming a military family. I see how God has given him (well both of us really) preferences, gifts, and abilities that are well-suited for that lifestyle (or at least my perception of it). I trust my husband and know that he will lead us, not necessarily into the path of least resistance, but to the path which God has allowed us to walk down. So, with my heart full of love, I say to my God and my husband, "I will follow you."

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