Sunday, February 21, 2010

whata deal

Diaper deal! Have you been to
Had to share because I've been reading about this and FINALLY cashed in on it. Yes, I have moved to using cloth, however I still use disposables at night and when running errands. (Cloth mama's don't be disappointed in me, I promise I'm trying!) This site also stocks a few cloth diaper brands (including gDiapers), so if you use cloth I encourage you to check it out as well.

Ok, so here's an example of a deal. It will work with any diaper brand, but for us Luvs seems to make sense...

(1) Luvs extra large case $35.99 (size 3 has 204 diapers)
(2) Luvs jumbo packs $7.99 each (size 3 has 36 diapers each)
Subtotal = $51.97
(orders over $49 receive free shipping & the opportunity to use the promo code below)

Use promo code HART2322 at check out to get $10 off!
Final cost = $41.97

Then submit the rebate form here and get $14.97 back!

Final, final breakdown:
$27 for 276 diapers, or 10c per diaper, about $3.50 for a jumbo pack. In my Walmart, Luvs runs $7.97 per pack, so by going through it's half price.

Instead of the 2 jumbo packs, I actually got the gDiapers flushable refills so that was 14.49, when combined with the extra large Luvs case, brought me to just over $50 (+ tax for my state). After the $10 promo code (see above) and the 14.97 rebate, I'm down to $29 for 204 Luvs + 32 flushable inserts to try in the gDiapers. I'd like to see how the flushables work in the gDiapers.

Anyways, it seems like a really great deal. I'll update to add when I receive them all, however they ship FedEx and should be here within a day or two. Diapers delivered? Not a bad idea :)

update: They arrived when promised! Easy, simple service. Terrific idea!

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