Monday, February 22, 2010


What a refreshing breath of fresh air - literally and figuratively. For the past six Sundays (well, except for 2 snow-ins and 1 out-of-town-trip, so three now) my family has fumbled through attending various area churches, trying to find a new one to call home. Two weeks ago was a meltdown for the entire family. We got home and pretty much dissolved, us girls into tears and my hubby into anger/frustration. We were yanked from our congregation because when hubby lost his job/youth pastor position, we also lost a church home (there was no way we would feel comfortable continuing to attend the church). Our hearts hurt from the loss and sitting in various congregations only magnified that hurt. Until yesterday.
Yesterday we walked into a church and felt welcomed from the start. There were many 30-something couples. Lots of children within ours' age bracket. We were approached, welcomed, and befriended. There was yummy coffee and breakfast foods to munch on during the "fellowship time" set a half an hour before worship started. A sermon that led me to open the Bible and walk verse by verse. A pastor's vision for the church to focus outward, not inward.
We'll see. It's too soon to commit. But, we came home encouraged and open to what God may have in store for us.

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